Take the Pledge for Muslims


As a Muslim, I pledge to:

  1. Understand that Islamophobia in America is not personal, towards me, but is directed towards a wholly false image of Islam as portrayed in the US media.
  2. Believe that that there are many, many good-hearted non-Muslims in America who, when they learn the truth about mainstream Muslims and the true teachings of Islam, will stop fearing and discriminating against Muslims.
  3. Be patient, understanding that the media image is prolific and deep, and there are currently few sources of balanced information that non-Muslims know about or have access to.
  4. Not allow anger and bitterness to develop in my heart, but follow the example of Mohammed and Jesus, peace be upon them, to return good for evil, and be forgiving of those who wrong us.
  5. Initiate acquaintances with individual non-Muslims, and families, and take every opportunity to show them hospitality and establish lasting friendships.

(note: email required only to email a copy of your pledge back to you.)