An Evening of Ramadan – San Diego


Are you curious about the beliefs and practices of Muslims?

Do you have questions about Islam and how it differs from your own religious beliefs?

Do you have concerns that Muslim values may be different than your own values?

Please join Salaam and All Souls’ Episcopal Church for a memorable “Evening of Ramadan.” You’ll have the opportunity to interact directly with local Muslims and start to develop an understanding of what Islam is really all about.  

The event will take place on two Wednesday evenings: 

 Wed.  May 23, 6:30-9:00 PM (dinner included)  $8 Sold out

Location: All Souls’ Episcopal Church, 1475 Catalina Blvd, San Diego, CA 92107

Info-session and Prep at All Souls’ Episcopal Church (Pt. Loma)
  • The life of Mohammad and the origins of Islam
  • The Muslim world today
  • Basic teachings – the five pillars
  • The hot buttons: what about jihad and sharia law?
  • The role of women in Islam
  • Small group question & answer session with local Muslims
  • A light dinner will be served after sunset at 7:45 PM
Wed. June 6, evening (details to be announced soon)
Mosque Visit

The fast of Ramadan is held from sunrise to sunset on each day of the lunar month.  We’ll meet at a local mosque and observe the service before the breaking of the fast for the evening and then enjoy a light meal and conversation with Muslim friends.  You’ll make delightful connections and perhaps go home with a changed image of your Muslim neighbors. 

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