We Fear What We Don’t Understand

16 years after the 9/11 attacks, Islamophobia is at an all-time high, even though the mathematical odds of being killed by a Muslim terrorist in the United States are far less than being killed by lightning-strike.

Is Islam inherently a religion of terror, or one of peace?  Did Mohammed produce conversions by the thousands with the edge of the sword?  Does the Quran teach jihad against infidel Christians and Jews?  Does Islam teach the repression of women?  Is Sharia law about stoning, amputation, and beheading?

In a December 2005 Gallup poll of American households, when Americans were asked what they most admire about Muslim societies, the answer “nothing” was the most frequent response.  The second most frequent response?  “I don’t know.”  Combined, these two responses represented the majority (57%) of Americans surveyed.  (Who Speaks for Islam, by John Esposito and Dalia Mogahed)

The American-Muslim Friendship Foundation exists to affect these survey responses by answering basic questions so as to erase powerful misconceptions about Muslims, and Islam.  Equipped with an awareness of the history of Islam, of the actual teachings of Mohammed about things such as jihad and sharia law, and of the religious practice of today’s mainstream Muslims, we discover that our staunchest allies in the struggle against radical terrorism are our Muslim brothers and sisters themselves.

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My book, “Why Do They Hate Us?  Making Peace with the Muslim World”, to be released fall 2018, offers more complete answers to our questions about Islam and Muslims, and includes a hard-hitting chapter connecting the dots between cause and effect for the rise in radical terrorism.

The American-Muslim Friendship Foundation also provides opportunities for hands-on cultural exposure in the form of workshopsfriendship dinners, and tailored travel experiences.