We partner with local Muslim leaders to offer seminars and workshops on key topics to advance awareness of Islam and improve our sensitivity to Muslims.

  • Are all Muslims from the Middle East? see content
  • The Life and Teachings of Mohammed *
  • The Rapid Expansion and Subsequent Fall of the Islamic Empire *
  • The Quran and the Five Pillars of Islam  *
  • Jihad and Sharia Law are Evil…Right? jihad     Sharia
  • What is going on in Israel/Palestine?
  • What is the source of Islamic radicalism?
  • What do 1.5 billion Muslims believe?  *

Our first workshop will be scheduled for Sept. 2017 – watch our FB page and upcoming events section to the right in our website.

Please contact me if you would like to schedule a seminar or workshop on Muslim awareness and sensitivity for your company, church, or civic group.