Expo 2017 Kazakhstan Blog Kickoff

I am three weeks away from leaving for Kazakhstan to serve as a volunteer for EXPO 2017, featuring renewable energy technologies from around the world. I hope to capture my adventures in periodic blog posts. You will be able to link to the blog from Facebook and Twitter posts to my personal page and to my organization’s pages on Facebook and Twitter (@makingpeace101).

I will use category tags so you will be able to selectively read my post depending on your interests. The tags will be “personal”, for my personal adventures, “renewable energy technologies” for pictures and descriptions of the various exhibitor displays, and “MAFF” for posts related to my organization, Muslim-American Friendship Foundation.

I am doing a system check out to make sure everything is working okay. Please let me know if you have any problem accessing my blog.

In my remaining three weeks, in addition to preparing for the trip and launching my organization, I will be hosting groups of non-Muslims to attend events at local mosques around the Ramadan fast, culminated by the biggest holiday of the year for Muslims, Eid al Fitr, celebrating the end of the fast. So I hope to post some photos and stories from those visits.

One other item of news is that I submitted an article to a major interfaith organization about my experience with Ramadan this year, and they will be posting the article on their blog. I’ll share it when it is released.

Signing off… Steve