Ramadan Awareness

(The month of Ramadan is a perfect opportunity to visit a mosque for an iftar, the evening meal after sunset to break the fast for the day. The iftar events are usually held on a Saturday. Check out @MCCSanDiego, @IslamicCenterSD, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of San Diego on FB. You can find their pages on my FB page. I’m organizing small groups, so email me if interested.) email Steve

The fast for the month of Ramadan (Ramazan in Arabic) has begun!  It began in the wee hours this morning (Sat., May 27), and lasts for the entire lunar month, ending on June 24.  The month of Ramadan is when Mohammed (peace be upon him) received his first prophetic recitations from the angel Gabriel.

As the fourth pillar of Islam, during the entire month Muslims abstain from eating and drinking (even water) from sunrise to sunset, and focus on God by reading the Quran, extra prayers, keeping a good attitude and especially abstaining from anger, and helping those in need.

During the month they are to maintain a mostly normal schedule and continue working.  Generally the mosques host evening meals with special prayers.

Sometime during the last 10 days of Ramadan, the Night of Power occurs – this is when Mohammed (peace be upon him) received his first revelation.  On this night, Muslims who properly observe the fast will receive special blessing from God, and special forgiveness.

At the completion of Ramadan, after sunset on the last day (June 24), Muslims celebrate their most important holiday of the year, Eid al Fitr.  This holiday is equivalent in its importance to the celebration of Christmas in America.  It includes special rituals, especially generous gifts to charity, and community feasting, which usually takes place at the mosque.

Ramadan  mubarak, or blessed Ramadan to all my Muslim brothers and sisters!